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Preview #5

Nothing major this week, I have been concentrating on less visible changes. The main visible change is for adding new items.

Preview #4

This time it is the title information screen. Just have to finish off the new title screen, and the add title screen, and it will be ready to go.

Sneaky preview #3

Popup menus on item entries.

Chinese New Year 2012

It is time for the annual Chinese New Year parade here in Wellington. The photo gallery is after the jump.
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Sneak preview number 2

This time I have been working on the main screen you see when launching the app. Gone is the wall of text, instead replaced with a simple dashboard style view letting you access all the main functions with a single tap.


One feature of DiscCat is the ability to go off and do an online lookup in a couple of online databases for your barcode number, to save you the trouble of having to type that information in. This feature was originally added in so that if the data happened to be available, it would save you a bit of typing, which is always good. However, recently I have been getting a lot of one star reviews on the Android market based solely on this one feature. People seem to be getting outraged that it doesn’t find every DVD they scan, or even in some cases it didn’t find any. Unfortunately I cannot respond to them as the Android Market does not provide the ability for the developer to respond to reviews, or to contact the user who left the review, or really do anything else to try and mitigate the effects of 1 star reviews. Since I can’t respond to the users directly, I figured a blog post explaining exactly why looking up a barcode is non trivial is the next best thing. The rest of the post follows the jump.
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Sneak preview of DiscCat 2.0

I am currently working on version 2.0 of DiscCat. There won’t be much in the way of new features, but what it will have is a whole new look. I’ll be continuing to add new posts with screenshots of the new UI as I work on it, and to kick things off here is one of the search results screen in progress.

NZ Navy Open Day

This weekend, as part of the 70th anniversary of the New Zealand Navy, there were 11 Navy ships in Wellington Harbour. Five of them were open to the public, and I went through two of them – HMNZS Rotoiti and HMNZS Canterbury. Photo album after the jump.
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Disccat 1.81.01

I published a new version on the market today. The download link on the Disccat page has also been updated to this version. Read more for the changes.
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Chinese New Year 2011 – Photos

Wow, it has been an entire year since I last updated with a new photo gallery on the front page. It was time again in Wellington for the 10th annual Chinese New Year parade, and I was yet again out there with my camera.

Random photos

IMG_1708.JPG Wellington-Chinese New Year 2009  010.jpg Custom Name  174.jpg IMG_6424