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NZ Navy Open Day



Candidates for the EOS Photo5 competition 2009 - Splat brief


Formula 1 exhibition at Te Papa - 2009





Test photos taken with GPS

2009 - February - Virginia Lake

Photos taken at Virginia Lake in Wanganui, February 2009

Cuba St Carnival - Parade

Photos from the 2009 Cuba St Carnival Parade

Cuba St Carnival - Daytime

Photos from the 2009 Cuba St Carnival

2009 Chinese New Year

Photos of the Chinese New Year parade in Wellington, 2009

2009 Sevens - Saturday

Photos of costumes on the second day of the 2009 Wellington Sevens

Wellington Sevens - Friday 2009

Photos of costumes around Wellington on the first day of the 2009 Sevens


Photos of Kaka at the Karori Wildlife Sanctuary

Karori Wildlife Sanctuary - 2009

Photos taken at the Karori Wildlife Sanctuary in January, 2009

Wellington Botanic Gardens

Photos from the Wellington Botanic Gardens


Photos of dolphins in Wellington harbour, taken on the Wellesley

Wellesley in Wellington harbour

Photos taken on the Wellesley on Wellington harbour

Wellington Fireworks 2008

Photos of the fireworks in Wellington harbour, November 2008

Wellington Zoo - 2008

Photos taken at Wellington Zoo in September, 2008

Eclipse photos

Photos of the 2007 lunar eclipse and 2008 solar eclipse

Karori Wildlife Sanctuary

Photos taken at Karori Wildlife Sanctuary

Wellington Zoo - 2007

Photos taken at Wellington Zoo in 2007

Macro photos

Random macro photos

Random photos

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