netdtv is a small project of mine to watch Freeview|HD on Windows. It currently uses Cyberlink PowerDVD version 7 or 8 to decode the video, and Monogram AAC Decoder to decode the audio.

You will need a windows compatible DVB-T receiver and a reasonably fast processor.

New Version – 19 June 2008

This version adds support for Vista. Vista will use the EVR renderer, and XP will use the VMR9 renderer.

Installation instructions

  1. Make sure you have PowerDVD version 7 or 8 installed.
  2. Download Monogram AAC Decoder
  3. Extract the decoder somewhere. Run ‘regsvr32’
  4. Download netdtv and extract it somewhere
  5. Edit the frequencies.txt, substituting in the three transmitter frequencies for your location. Frequencies are listed here.
  6. Run netdtv.exe. It will scan for channels, and tune to One when it is complete. Use the number keys to change channels, ‘f’ to fullscreen, and ‘t’ to toggle always on top mode.
  7. If you have any issues, send me an email. Any address at will reach me.

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