XMLTV for Freeview

Please do not link to this page, discuss this page on mailing lists, or publicise this page in any other way. I don’t want nasty letters from Sky lawyers.

Since my EPG source for my Mediaportal PVR box has unfortunately been the victim of lawyers, I needed to find somewhere else to get my EPG information from.

A few hours later, I haveĀ netd_xml_tv_nz ready to go.

It is written in perl, and requires:


in order to function correctly.

Configuration is performed in the channels.xml file, which contains a list of channels, the xml channel id to use for them, the url to download the xml from, and whether to actually download and import this channel or not.

<name>TV One</name>

If you do not wish to download a channel, simply change




Once you have run the file, the resulting xmltv file will be saved as tvguide.xml ready to import into your PVR of choice.

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